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Digital Express is committed to providing the highest quality online audio mastering services for your recorded audio.

We offer affordable audio mastering services to help our clients achieve better and more consistent quality in their recordings. We’ll work to bring your recordings up to commercial standards so that your music is optimized and translates well on all types of playback systems and radio. All Mastering Services are performed by Baker Vaughn, who has over 20 years experience working in a wide variety of musical genres. All work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here are just a few of the ways we make improvements on the overall impact and quality of your recordings:

  • Balanced track to track volume levels
  • Overall volume levels up to commercial standards
  • Consistent track to track equalization
  • Smoother frequency response, so your mixes will translate better on a variety of playback systems – everything from a boom box to a car stereo to high fidelity stereo systems.
  • Improved overall clarity, detail, stereo imaging and depth perception
  • More “Punch and Dynamic Impact”


10 fundamental steps in preparing your material for Mastering

Getting your mix ready for Mastering is not always common knowledge. Below you’ll find the problems most often encountered during the process, along with proposed solutions that should work for you in most cases.


Avoid Using Premastering Techniques

While it is natural to do premastering during mixing to improve your sound, doing so actually makes it harder for the mastering engineer to produce a great master. In any case, if you are required to use processors or plug-ins directly on the stereo mix please let me know.


Maintain Each Track’s Levels in the Range of -3db to -6db

Provide adequate headroom ( -3db to -6db ) so that you provide enough room to work and get a better final product.


Remove Noise From Your Mix

The Mastering process will bring the overall level of your mix up in volume, thus raising the noise floor. Be sure and remove any pops, clicks, background noise etc. If you need help with this contact me. (Noise Reduction Services billed seperately).


Leave Your Mix Dynamic and Clean

Limit frequency buildups that result in “muddy” and unclear sound by using appropriate filters. Don’t suppress your mix but keep it as dynamic as possible, so that the dynamics can be manipulated towards the best result.


Go With the Highest Possible Resolution

Make sure your file’s resolution is the one you used during mixing. Go with lossless file formats, (.wav, .aiff etc.) to get the best possible quality. Avoid .mp3 – Contact me for specifics.


Provide Reference Samples and Instructions

Although I strive to bring the levels up to market demands, you should try and provide some sample mixes that resemble the sound you want. Sending written instructions and notes with your mixes will also prevent unnecessary revisions and will help you get the expected results. Always include complete song titles, especially if you require CD-Text embeds.


Don’t add Spaces, Fades and Cross Fades

I normally just chase your original fades. If you need something specific, please add it to your notes.


Don’t Use Dithering

Dithering is best applied during mastering. If you have used dithering from some reason, let me know.


Benchmark your Mix

Compare your mix with similar songs and modify the appropriate factors accordingly. You can also play your mix on different sound systems, to better adjust it for the widest possible audience.


Make your Mix Sound The Way you Like It!

Do your best to ensure that your mix sounds exactly the way you want it, in terms of individual instrument levels within the mix.

If you would like to upload a sample song from your project, we’ll send you a Free 1-Song Test Sample to evaluate.

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$249.00 for a typical 10-12 song album.

* Total CD Run Time should not exceed 74 minutes.

We require 50% payment up front with balance due upon approval. We accept most major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

You receive a download link to your .wav files, once you have approved the work and we have received your final payment, We mail you (2) Hard Copy CDR Masters (Master & Back-Up Copy) via mail carrier. (*further charges may apply for orders outside the U.S.*)

Audio Editing Services and Noise Reduction services are quoted separately.

Single Song – not to exceed 10 minutes – $25.00 (.wav file download only)

Three Songs – $65.00 includes .wav file download & CDR Master.

*Please note that “Free Mastering Demo Songs” contain a branded voice over ID Tag every 30 seconds and therefore should not be used for any other purpose. All Equalization and Compression settings are considered proprietary and will not be released. Digital Express Mastering does not offer mix consultation or remixing services at the present time. Call us for local recommendations. Mastering Services provided online only therefore Mastering Session attendance requests cannot be accommodated.

“Baker has a great pair of ears! I’ve known Baker and Sherri Vaughn at Digital Express professionally and as a friends for some years now and I know when I need some work done I can count on Digital Express to finalize a project for me without having to leave my home town of Maryville TN. Baker did a fantastic job polishing up my collection of live recordings to make “Sunday Kind of Love”. I will continue to use their expertise in the future!”

- Robinella

"Our mastering association with Baker Vaughn is nearing 10-years...The first piece he mastered for us was called: A new day, the beginning of a change. The song was recorded in Berlin, Germany, and shipped to Digital Express Mastering shortly after we returned to the States. This product received rave-reviews throughout Eastern Europe...We highly recommend Baker at Digital Express Mastering for any of your mastering jobs; he is one of the best in the industry. He is diligent in his professionalism; and he delivers the products in a timely manner!"

- Dennis K. Hardison. CEO / Founder

“Hey Baker, the master is perfect. I played it on my portable CD player…through my Bose Acoustic Wave System™ and it sounds great!”

- Matt Wahl

Let us help you realize better and more consistent quality in your recordings.

Get a FREE One-Song Mastering Demo!

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